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Featured Promotional Items To Carry Your Brand Anywhere

chilo promo bag & backpack category pic

Bags & Backpacks

Pack them to school, work, the gym, the show or on the trip with the right promo bag or backpack! They are great carriers for daily lives. Promotional bags will represent your brand logo to friends, families, colleagues and people who you don't even know, make yours the style statement of the year!

chilo promo cap category pic

Promotional Caps

Capture attention from the first glance! Promotional baseball caps, ad caps, and trucker hats are some of the most popular promo items available. They are great giveaways in sport races, volunteer events and sponsor activities. A variety of colors are available to promote your image to consumers.

chilo promo technology category pic


Promote your customers' productivity with these tech-based gadgets, relate them to your modern brand and ability to satisfy their needs with the times. These small big things provide positive logo exposure. Also make them smile. Fast delivery allow you to order whenever you need it.

chilo promo drinkware category pic

Promo Drinkware

Endorse your business from indoor to outdoor. Personalized sport bottles, custom coffee cups, tailored travel mugs, laser-engraving thumblers, you can find a perfect product to fit their hands and boost your business. It's also a smart choice for employee awards.

chilo promo writings category pic


The classic promotional giveaways to spread your word around. Yet the most effective way as well. From average clickable ballpoint pen to higher-end executive pen, our writing family meets all your needs and budgets. You can also hightlight your brand to get their eyes right where you want them.

chilo promo emergency category pic

Safety & Emergency

No matter sitting in the first aid case at home or staying at the pocket of a hiking backpack, your image will be there to support with these handy supplies. These thoughtful gifts provide your clients with peace of mind. You could promote your brand while giving safety assisstance.

chilo promo apparel category pic


Imprinted clothing allows you to adapt your message for daily living and finds a comfortable way to stay on their minds. Listing #1 on promo item surveys, braned shirts, uniforms, and outwear are favoured by companies for years. Match your customers' needs to make an impression.

chilo promo sports category pic


Deliver your message in ACTION and EXCITEMENT! Show support for your favorate team players and spectators by sponsoring custom cheering items, sport accessories, racing caps, balls, etc, share your passion with audience, burning theirs up while make your logo viewed.

chilo promo travel category pic


Ever thought your logo flying more than you do? Branded luggage case, travel tag, and all personalized travel accessories will fly more often with your customers and make their trip more enjoyable and pleasant. Reminding them that your company will always go the extra mile.

chilo promo office accessories category pic

Office Accessories

Provide a productive exposure in the office using promotional stationary items - customized desk accessories, notebooks, pad sheets and many more, they will help to get the jobs done faster. Small & simple little stuff will go into their hearts after day by day acommpany. Start to make a difference.

chilo promo toys category pic


Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing games and having fun. Promo toys and novelties are unique ways in making lasting impression for modern marketing. Offer your customers a branded desktop toys, they’re sure to remember you every time they need a distraction at work.

chilo promo printings category pic


Preparing up-to-date catalogues for your customers yearly, keep them posted with new items launched or priting magzines to members monthly, traditional ways that still be using among clients. Vivid printing products will help present your culture and image better.

chilo promo outdoor & leisure category pic

Outdoor & Leisure

Associate your image with fun and relaxing moments. Spending time alone, experiencing team activities or enjoying family moment, let your brand be into customers' heart, stay a long-lasting impression. Portable chairs, personalized accessories and more to enjoy life.


Attract attention and traffic to your booth, giving practical and meaningful promo items will make your products and services stand out from the crowd. Get your booth noticed with unique table setup, tailored display case and souvenirs branded with your logo.

chilo promo raingear category pic


Branded rain coates save your promotion efforts and stand out even in tough weather. Branded pochos with your business name provide protection to your customers in the rain, show them that you are where they need you. Prepare a packable item to keep their body dry in rain.

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

CHILO promo items continue to provide clients with what they really want, meeting supplies to businesses worldwide to achieve the goal of making their promotion marketing a success. Products are not all, we also provide sourcing, inspection and door-to-door service to make life easier for our customers.
  • As an added service, we will search out any item you’re looking for but don’t find in our catalogue or on our website. No matter it’s unique advertising specialty or novelty toys, we will find it and get the most value at the best possible price.
  • We deliver high quality products with moderate prices, ship on-time and we will do anything it takes to ensure your satisfaction. Our team will have supervision over the procurement process from material to final products to ensure everything is right on track before goods reach your hands.
  • To make procurement process easier and happy experience for you, our door-to-door service allows you just sitting at the office waiting for your goods after order placed, we will take care of all the hassles from shipping, clearing and delivery. Contact us to check out the details.
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