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3 Promotional Trends Need Attention In 2017

Technology and new media have affected the ways businesses use promotional products in the past couple years, and it’s going to deepen the such effect even more in 2017. VR, VA, Facebook, Twitter, live video, short video, snapchat and more, all make a difference in the way companies execute their marketing projects and selecting the right promotional items. They are heating up the utility of promo products also adding up the value of them. We should draw attention to the following 3 trends when selecting the promo items:

Trend #1 Unique personalization is exploding.

The perfect way to differentiate the essence of a brand to another’s is to create a promo product from scratch. This level of personalization leads to better user experience and engagement. Also spotlight your brand in a stage where all competitors using the regular design in market. Key is not only having your logo imprinted on the promo items but making a sense to impacting the lives of the recipients, something that give them a reason to keep your gifts. Like a smart measuring tape built-in with BMI scale, a memo pad with magnetic pin, a shower-hanging AM/FM audio, a keyring with Bluetooth function to check where they are, etc.

Trend #2 High value is on the way.

Utility is the vital reason that recipients would keep a promo item. Now another factor is in and becoming rising – value. Recipients are now judging the promo gifts they are receiving, and attaching a label to your brand based on what they received. So, if you are giving out cheap promotional products in a launching campaign, it’s likely to make the brand look low. This phenomenon is obvious in the younger group of clients, like the generation Z, who are deeply involved with the mobile technology.

However, higher value is only about higher price, but more important, higher ROI and brand loyalty. Promo items with higher value do cost a little more, but they pay-off in the long run. They will impress the recipients with good quality products and services, increase sales by generating quality leads, and bring them back to you the next time they need this kind of products or services. Give it a shot for your next campaign using higher value item and lesser amount to make the ends meet.

Trend #3 Fun factors are infusing.

People embrace anything that would bring them fun and joy, it’s true in promotional industry. We saw emerging of the novelty items in the past couple of years, various of pop shapes, bold colors and now fun playing ways. Fidget spinner is one of the hottest promo items we sold in the past half year, they are popular for the interesting ways people can play (check out a wealth of videos in you will be amazed by the way they play).

It’s not the kids’ privilege to having fun, but adults as well. Adding fun factors to your promo campaign and gifts will enhance brand loyalty and widening the target audience. Who don’t love having fun, right?

Start by looking for opportunities to incorporate these factors to your coming marketing campaigns, you know it all comes down to craft the perfect promo item with advanced planning.