4 Ideal Promo Items For Summer Marketing

Summer is in full bloom! It’s the right ticket of respite for summer vocation after a long, busy season. But don’t rest too long. There many great summer marketing and campaigns that you can implement to heat up your brand’s visibility! These four items will pump up your brand exposure during the long vocation.

#1 Custom Beach Umbrella

Enjoying the sunshine on the beach is one of the perfect choices for most people’s summer vocation. So, perform your marketing campaign to the coast will surely increase brand visibility. The sales revenue as well if you are holding passerby selling. Custom beach umbrella imprinted with your logo will spread your message to everyone on the beach who can see it, meanwhile provide a shade for those who want to take a break from the sunshine. Consider sponsoring a beach activity with branded umbrella to grow brand audience. Or host one for your summer marketing to sell happy.

#2 Custom Cooler Bag

Nothing can beat a cool drink in the hot heat 😊 Custom cooler bag is convenient companion for picnic, beach party or just a short sunshine shower. Practical utility makes it perfect giveaways for summer vocations, it not only provides cool drinks and foods to the recipients but also increases your brand awareness every time they are used. More important, your brand is permeating into client’s heart with thoughtful care. If you are planning for the loyalty marketing in summer, try branded cooler bags, they will reach more than you think!

#3 Printing Flyers

Have trouble thinking of a method to increase sales in summer overnight? Try printing flyers. Everyone feels the heat when shopping outdoor or going to eat, and avoid going out as long as they don’t have to. Then what can we do with printing flyers? Grab their attention of course. They are great ideas for the food industry to do so – spreading the delicious menus or promotions to the crowd with what you offer and where you are, it would be perfect if you provide deliver services, who can refuse offer? It plays well for sidewalk sales too – handing out the flyers to passengers on the move and draw them to your selling booth/tent. Give it a shot for your next summer campaign and see the magic happens.

#4 Logoed Travel Backpack

Taking a break from where we live and work every day and get refreshed in the journey has become a way people conquer stress. Summer is a hot season for travel. So, you will have a great opportunity to spread your word using promo travel backpacks decorated with your brand logo. They make great awards for rewarding valuable employees; and great for reach your brand to the young group, say the students, who make travel plans for their summer vocation. Quality logoed backpacks will also strengthen your brand loyalty and bring them back the next them they need your products or services.

The momentum of summer shouldn’t slow down through the last quarter of the year. Let your promo items have the work done even you’re taking a break to rest.