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Office Accessories

Earn your brand the most impressions in front of the office desk with custom promotional gifts design to make the daily grind a little easier. They’re always centered on your desk and help to spread your message directly. Brilliant gifts for office staffs to increase productivity. Strengthen your brand royalty with CHILO’s office supply that ranging from calendar to business card holder, calculator, clipboard, stickers, book mark, notebook, padfolio, rulers, clock, watch and more. Get your brand connected with office’s everyday life.

Office accessories are smart choices to gain attention from potential prospects, make it one of the important marketing tool to reach your audience. Adding refreshed factors to your marketing with novelty and stress relief desk toys, they will surely catch the eyeball from employees when they need a small distraction from work.

All Office Accessories

custom desk calendar- chilo promoitem

Desk Calendar

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custom business card holder- chilo promoitem

Business Card Holder

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custom calculater - chilo promoitem


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custom clipboard- chilo promoitem


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custom notebook- chilo promoitem


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custom padfolio- chilo promoitem


From $
custom paper pad and scratch pad- chilo promoitem

Scratch & Note Pad

From $
custom clock and watch - chilo promoitem

Clock & Watch

From $
custom book mark- chilo promoitem

Book Mark

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custom magnet clip- chilo promoitem


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custom desk accessories- chilo promoitem

Desk Accessories

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custom Sticker & Decal- chilo promoitem

Sticker & Decal

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