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Promoting your business with custom tech-based products is easy and cost effective with CHILO. They are cutting-edge and functional gifts people are happy to receive. And a great way to relate your brand and company to a contemporary culture. They also express your willingness to move forward and increasing your ability to fulfill clientele’s needs now and in the future.

These products include USB drives, battery chargers, headphones, mouse pads, mice and keyboard, and more. They cover the needs from business to home and that on the go. You can find something to maximize brand awareness from single product to tech-portfolio. Impact them with quality accessories and let them share your message along the using.

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custom USB drive - chilo promoitem

USB Flash Drive

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custom charger & cable - chilo promoitem

Charger & Cable

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custom ear bud - chilo promoitem

Ear Bud

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custom headphone - chilo promoitem


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custom ring stand - chilo promoitem

Mobile Stand

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custom mouse pad - chilo promoitem

Mouse Pad

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custom port hub - chilo promoitem

Port Hub

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custom power bank - chilo promoitem

Power Bank

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custom screen cleaner - chilo promoitem

Screen Cleaner

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custom stylus pen - chilo promoitem

Stylus Pen

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custom speaker - chilo promoitem


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custom mice and keyboard - chilo promoitem

Mice and Keyboard

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custom digital frame - chilo promoitem

Digital Frame & Album

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custom Wireless Audio - chilo promoitem

Wireless Audio

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