Promo Items are Magic Marketing Combo To Growing Businesses

Promo items are both a key element and a big challenge in every promotional marketing campaigns. Without the right product, it is impossible for you to impress the receivers of your company and services. It is therefore crucial to design and get the right promotional product! This article covers the most important areas of promotional items, including:
  • What is Promo Items?
  • Why promotional item matters so much?
  • What kind of promo items customers would love most?
  • How to use promotional products to grow your business?
  • Where to get the perfect promo item fast and of the best value?

What is Promo Items?

Usually, They’re also known as promotional items, promotional merchandise, promotional products, promotional gifts, or advertising gifts that are branded with a logo and used in marketing and communication programs. They are given away to promote a company to get wider awareness, to increase sales, or to nurture customer royalty.
In short, they are items with your company logo that are given out to impress the receivers.

Why promotional items matter so much?

Being a traditional marketing medium, promotional items have proved their integral part in marketing mix with crucial facts: (the statistics were derived from PPAI, ASI central, PromoCan.)

  • #1 Promotional items have the highest advertising recall over television, print and online advertising.
  • #2 83% of receivers could recall an advertiser of a promo item.
  • #3 80% of people like receiving promo items, and 70% of people find online advertising annoying.
  • #4 73% of people use promotional goods at least once a week.
  • #5 69% of marketist found adding a promotional product to the media mix increase brand interest. And 84% receivers have good impression of the brand.
  • #6 58% people will keep a promo item for 1 to 4 years.
  • #7 50%+ of consumers have a favorable impression of the advertiser on a promotional merchandise.
  • #8 45% people use a promotional product at least once a day.
  • #9 20% of respondents declared to marketing a purchase from the advertiser, after they received a promo item.
  • #10 Integrating a promo item with television and print also increased referral value by 52% and message credibility by 60%.
  • #11 Addition of promotional products actually INCREASE favorable ratings toward print and television ads.
  • #12 Promo items are the only advertising medium that cable to engage all five senses – SEE, TOUCH, HEAR, SMELL and TASTE.
  • #13 Financial services, retailers, apparel brands, electronics, manufacturers are the most commonly recalled advertisers of promo products.
  • #14 61.4% of calendars at home and 76% at a business are still promotional vehicles.
  • #15 Mere 7% of consumers could recall the name of an advertiser after viewing a commercial on television.

Now you see the secrets why the promotional products industry grows every year.

Besides, as multi channels of marketing especially social media marketing is thrilling, traditional promo merchandises are not fading out the stage of history but growing side by side with the technology. One more reason that increase the sales of promo industry.

However, not any item could serve a good promotional purpose. Some would just end up in the garbage trunk. So be cautious when picking the right promo product. Let’s see what kind of promo items customers would love to receive most.
TOP 10 items that marketist use most and people would love to receive most:
#1 Writing Instrument
#2 Shirts
#3 Bags
#4 Calendars
#5 Desk accessories
#6 Headware
#7 Drinkware
#8 USB drives
#9 Health & Safety Products
#10 Outware
The qualities that bring them to top are: they are usful in every day life, and generate the most impression to the receivers.
As 5 months has passed in 2018, let’s check out the predition about the most popular promo items from 2017. Or if you’re challenging to find the best anual products to brand with, look from below:
#1 Quality products are more valued by buyers as they represent the image of their companies. And never want a faulty item to tear a apart the reputation they’ve worked hard to build up.
#2 Comform items are getting more and more popular. Apparel has been on the top of promo products list for a long time, and as technology accelerates, quality of fabrics are improved to a higher level and comfortable clothes are more welcomed by receivers and got more chance to be worn.
#3 Have an appealing design. If you want to attract the millenials, make it in a good looking way, as FACE is an important factor in their culture.
#4 Electronics. USBs, wireless gadgets and bluetooth items, they’re emerging with the IT technology.
#5 Games. Playing is not just the righ for kids. Adults love them too. And they’re great stress relievers.
#6 Daily-use products. Cost-effective yet generates the most impression every day, it’s been do a very good work since the day it’s used.

Next, how to use promotional products to grow your businesses?

#1 Sales Promotion. Business is the best, they find ways to cure every pain points. And shopping seems to be the one-to-all pill. That’s why we’re celebrating more and more special days ever than before. As a result, you could pick one day that’s special to you, to your customer, to your company or even just to some niche group to promote your business.
Promotion has been a great way to boost sales, and people love to buy in promotions – summer, winter, thanksgiving, Xmas… you can name at least a hundred, don’t let these special days slip through your fingers, make it work out for you.
#2 Trade-shows – build track, expand brand awareness. A professional channel to expand our business and increase brand awareness. Free promotional giveaways will do you a good favor by building traffics. While unique designs will impress your client with your company. Thoughtful corporate gifts will keep the heart of your old clients.
#3 Royalty customers. Statistics show that 80% of the sales comes from old customers, and it would take more time to get a new client than to maintain an old one. Then make them be royal to you will be very important to grow your business faster. Quality promotional gifts could help you with that. They express your appreciation to the customers and care around them. Make them happy to deal with you again and again.

Finally, Where to get the perfect promo item fast and of the best value?

Most companies and corporations mainly purchase their merchandise through promotional merchandise distributor companies. And these companies source globally to get what their clients need. As a result, the prices will be a little high comparing to buying direct from manufacturers.

#1 Contact manufacturer directly if you need single promo item in big quantity. That would cut off the middle man and sometimes could save you millions of cost.

#2 Deal with traders in exporting country if you need multiple promo items each in small quantity. They will help you with sourcing, quality control as well as logistics, which will save you a lot of time and money.

#3 Deal with traders in exporting country if you are new in the business and don’t want troubles, they will help you with sourcing, quality control, and arrange door-to-door delivery. That would save you a lot time searching and use them on your value clients and businesses.

Hope this article could help you with getting the right promo items to boost your business, good luck!